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Brief introductions

Ever since she was an eight year old girl from Rock Island, Stephanie loved reading comic books. When she read her first comic series, Young Justice, she was drawn to the world of illustration. She was drawn to the colorful characters, drawn to the suspenseful stories, but she was especially excited at the fact that a person could find their calling through creative visual arts. She knew it was what she wanted to do the rest of her life. 


All through out elementary and high school, the borders of her notebooks were filled with doddles like every other teenager. But where other kids were tracing babes and scribbling phallic objects to escape their reality, Stephanie used it as practice. She practiced making body postures and facial expressions; inking and cross-hatching. She joined the Quad-city Metro Arts program for the youth and Black Hawk community college in 2009, which lead  her to Northern Illinois University in 2011, and she graduated in 2013 with a Bachelors in Illustration.


Now she works on comic book and graphic novel projects with friends and local artists, preferring penciling, inking, and lettering. In her free time she enjoys water-coloring on canvas and selling the copies at affordable prices (no hundred dollar bull-spit. That's just silly). She hopes to get into editorial illustrations and conceptual art.

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